Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Question: If you could live in any video game, book or movie setting, what would you choose?

Every Saturday there is a channel on Twitch that hosts what he calls the "Jackass Podcast". The channel and Podcast is hosted by Mr. Jacklifear ( who is a big community guy and focuses a lot on the community more then just himself and his channel.

Anyways, every Saturday he hosts the Jackass Podcast in which he gathers a bunch of streamers from Twitch, both big and growing, and they talk about things related to their stream, the Twitch community and Q & A. It is a great Podcast and I enjoy watching it as much as I can.

During last Saturdays Podcast a question was asked that really got me thinking and I wanted to blast the question out to you all as well, but I also want to expand on it a little bit as well. The question was this:

If you could live in any video game setting, what setting would it be?

I really had to think about this question and even to this day, 3-4 days later I do not have a real set answer. I felt this was a FANTASTIC question and wanted to ask you all and get your input, but I want to alter the question just a little bit. So, the New question is:

If you could live in any video game, book or movie setting, what setting would that be and why?

I wanted to expand to include books and movies as well to cover a bit wider audience. Also I want to know why? Why would you want to live there, what is it about that setting that draws you? One stipulation I want to say though, I am only talking setting. Meaning if you choose say, Final Fantasy X, we will assume for the sake of discussion that the main problem in the game (In the case of FFX Sin destroying the world) does not exist. I am only interested in what setting draws you and why.

For me one answer I had was a game but not really a game. My first thought was to live in the world of Sword Art Online. The game world was so very cool. The fact that there was so much that could be done from the different towers and dungeons to setting up a shop and just doing whatever. It was very interesting to me watching the show and seeing that world (If you haven't seen the Anime Sword Art Online, do yourself a favor and check it out on Netflix). Also, as I stated, minus the whole bad stuff which in Sword Art Online is perma death and being stuck in the game.

So, what is your answer? What setting draws you and why? Leave a comment and let me know!


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