Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let's Get wait, serious, I meant Serious!

So I have been back and forth on wanting to do so many things. The problem I have, have always had, still seem to have but am trying to work on is my ability to WANT to do so much extra stuff, but never actually sit down and do.

I always feel like I am not doing anything and I want to! But I always back away, worry what if it does not look/sound good?! I am deciding to not worry about it so much. I have always been very cautious to showcase myself or my work and I have decided it is time. I feel that I have vastly improved overall thanks to school, working on side stuff with friends and the super crazy intensive final project through school (more to come on that later!)

You might be asking, "what does this all mean?" Well, I plan on getting serious with a lot of things professionally. I want to be more visible on this blog. I want to keep my portfolio updated ( To keep me on this I have made reminders on my phone, wrote on my calendar, used a handful of sticky notes and more to keep myself reminded and I plan to stick with it.

For good or for bad, I will once again welcome any and all who take the time to read this to the ramblings from my mind. I will post about games I am playing, have played, plan to play and such. I will post about projects I am working on (if allowed) and keep updates going on what I am doing. I will also just post about things that come to mind, but I don't have any plans as using this as any kind of crazy soapbox.

So keep an eye out. I will be posting in the next couple days about either the Extra-Life Charity event I am doing, the school's final project, or some games, I am not sure yet, but keep a look out!


P.S. Bonus points to those who get the Darkwing Duck reference! +1

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